Stock Options

Strengthen Your Portfolio without Stretching Your Finances

Your firm has recognized the contributions you have made to its performance and success by granting you options to purchase company stock. Representing more than your company’s respect for you as a valued employee, stock options can help you develop a meaningful investment portfolio quickly… often with substantial gain.

That is why the decisions you make regarding your stock options – such as timing the exercise, how to complete the transaction and choosing to hold or sell the acquired shares – should be considered carefully. And since each decision can significantly affect your long-term financial situation, Raymond James financial advisors are there to guide you. We can provide advice designed to help you maximize the benefit of your options.

We Simplify the Process

As Raymond James advisors, we collaborate with our firms’ stock option professionals to provide a step-by-step service. Our stock option experts contact your company to review its stock option exercise rules and then ensure they are followed on your behalf, as well as help complete required forms. If the stock is to be sold, they also assure that the sale complies with Rule 144 and, most important, they offer punctual payment upon completion of the transaction.