Life First,

Money Second.

Your life and goals are unique. There is not one single financial plan that applies to everyone. We believe in helping you identify your unique goals and then building a customized plan that strives for your success. We place the value on your life first and then figure out the investments and strategies that best align with your goals. We believe that life comes first, money second.

financial planning for future

Our goal is for our clients to live life to the fullest and gain financial independence while enjoying the benefits of their hard work and wise decisions.

We are a team of financial professionals specializing in Asset Management, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Mutual Funds, Retirement Planning, Stocks, College Planning, Bonds, 401(k), Insurance and Annuities, and more. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our client’s financial planning needs. It’s time to start enjoying the confidence that comes from knowing a team is dedicated to helping you move closer to the future you envision.

2024 Forbes America's Top Wealth Management Teams Best-in-State*

*Full awards disclosure information here.

Working Mother’s Top Wealth Advisor,
2019, 2020 & 2021*

*Awards recipient is Pamela Rigsby. Full awards disclosure information here.

Why Pursuit Wealth Strategies?

We are your dependable team of problem solvers who prioritize your goals, value trust, and manage money differently by looking at the big picture. Click above to learn more about the origins of Pursuit Wealth Strategies.

Financial Education Videos from Our Team

Financial planning isn’t just our job- its our passion! Our team is always learning, planning and educating so that we can keep you informed on the ever changing landscape of tax, estate, investment, and financial planning strategies.

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